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Hello & Welcome

The Wellnest Shop is a project born from a passion to lead an authentically healthier lifestyle both at home and in the community while helping others do the same.

We, Jen and Steph, connected through mutual friends and discovered common ground over our shared passion for wellness and desires to not only understand but also overcome chronic health conditions.

We have both seen health-related hardship in ourselves and our families. From healing an acute food allergy, offsetting effects of an autoimmune disease, to supporting complex nutritional needs during a pediatric cancer diagnosis, our paths have led us both to discovering new standards of discernment for products used in our homes.  

Through the years we have both found ourselves passionately involved in seeking more sustainable ways to live. We are so excited to share what we have learned through our Wellnest Mamas community, and a uniquely-curated assortment of products that meet our strict standards. We completely  understand starting from scratch to re-imagine your life by only using safe, non-toxic products isn’t easy because we have been through it! What both of us have learned along the way is reflected in how and what we offer in our shop and through our community space.

We strive to bring everyone closer to a low-waste, non-toxic, and sustainable lifestyle through strong community, our stories, and our shop. The products offered in the shop are products used in our homes & with our families, and the support offered in the community is the same we have felt in our journeys to wellness.

We welcome you to be a part of our community, be a more responsible consumer, and find yourself supported on your path to a healthier life.

With The Wellnest, you have countless people supporting you on your journey, regardless if you are a seasoned "crunchy" mom or someone who is just seeking a few healthier changes for yourself or family. We are so grateful for your support in shopping small, supporting a mom-owned business, nourishing your nest, and helping create a genuine community rooted in authentic wellness.