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Dog Shampoo Bar

Dog Shampoo Bar

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EKOH's easy to use mini pet shampoo bar is a cute, palm sized bar that packs a punch in eco-friendly pet cleaning! Small and mighty bar will leave your dog smelling clean, fresh, and feeling soft. The pure ingredients can also help with skin problems, fungal infections, and even discourages fleas. 


We do not recommend use on cats, as they are much more sensitive to essential oils.




  • Family-safe pure essential oils & plant-based ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Free of soap-based surfactants
  • PH balanced
  • Grey water and Biome safe
  • Compostable and recyclable packaging
  • Anti-fungal & anti-flea properties.



EKOH's pet shampoo bar is earth-safe so it won't harm biomes where you wash.

  • Fill a small bucket with warm water, run the soap bar through the water a few times until it turns cloudy, then wet your pup(s). Once dog is wet,  slowly pour the soapy water over fur then massage to create a lather. Alternatively, you may rub the bar directly on your dog's fur. 
  • Once your pup has been massaged with the shampoo lather, rinse well with clean water, allow pup to shake off excess water, then towel dry. Finish with a comb or a brush and maybe a nice nail trim!
  • Expert tip: Dogs do not like hot baths/showers, so if you are bathing your fur baby indoors, make sure to use lukewarm water.