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Compostable Bottle Brush

Compostable Bottle Brush

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Tight spot need a clean? Grab this bottle brush and get the job done! Featuring long-lasting coconut husk bristles and a sturdy wood handle. 

Perfectly geared toward many uses like tall bottles, water bottles, baby bottles, coffee pots/carafes, and even toilets. 

Bottle brush will last for 6+ months with heavy use and many years with limited use. 

Wellnest shop expert tip: when your brush has expired it's use in the kitchen, rotate it to cleaning toilets or other areas.

CARE: Hang to dry after each use. To clean your brush, soak the bristles in vinegar and water for a few minutes then rinse.  Leaving brush submerged in water can lead to swelling and cracking.   


  • Flexible and Bendable
  • Naturally Microbial. Hang To Dry
  • Cotton Loop On Handle