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Natural Allergy Relief Tips

Spring is near in Northwest Arkansas. If you can’t tell by the stinky aroma of the Bradford pear trees blooming. When you’re looking for relief from seasonal allergies, you may want to turn to natural alternatives. 

Local honey is one way you can prepare for allergy season. Local is important because the bees take pollen from the plants in your area, the same pollen that’s causing your immune system to revolt with watery eyes and swollen sinuses, and use it to make honey. Honey works best if you start early. Consistent exposure to the local allergens can help your immune system become familiar with the harmless, environmental invaders. We source our local honey for the shop from Gunther Apiaries with over 40 hives in Benton, Washington, and Caroll Counties.  

If you didn’t pregame allergy season with local honey, you can always try a sinus rinse. This will physically remove allergens and wash them out of your system.

An herbal remedy you may want to try is Sinus Saver by Earthley. Nettle leaf, black pepper and turmeric root are beneficial for their anti-inflammatory properties. Nettle leaf specifically is a natural antihistamine. Elderberry is a powerful immune modulator that can also relieve stuffy noses.

Don’t be mad at those dandelions popping up now, dandelion root is an antioxidant that supports blood pressure too. Consistent use is important when using Sinus Saver, but it will still come in handy if you’re faced with an allergy flare. This natural antihistamine also supports the liver which helps lower your histamine load.

Have you tried any of these natural allergy relief solutions? Leave a comment with your best allergy season tips! 

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  • I would like to try the sinus relief.


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